Administrative Assistant Certificate Crafton - Certificate of Achievement

This program map only provides one possible pathway for degree and/or certificate obtainment and is for reference only. 请 schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop your individualized Student Education Plan.
Requirements for transfer to another College/University may differ from associate degree requirements. Consult with a Counselor!
请 be advised: Online courses vary by semester. Refer to the current 课程表 for accurate online course availability.

The pathway below represents an efficient and effective course taking sequence for this program. Individual circumstances might require some changes to this pathway. 它是 总是 recommended that you meet with an academic counselor to develop a personalized educational plan.


O Available Online
GE General Education
Program Requirement



Apply for Graduation!

Now that you are enrolled in your last semester of classes, it's time to apply for Graduation! Schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete a Graduation Check to make sure you are on track towards earning your degree/certificate. During your appointment, the counselor can assist you with submitting your Graduation Application. Feel free to review the Steps to Graduation prior to your appointment and be aware of the Graduation Application Deadlines 在步骤2中找到.

Remember: you must RSVP in March if you would like to participate in the Commencement Ceremony held in May! We look forward to celebrating with you.