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To learn more about possible career opportunities that match your skills, personality or interests; take one of the following career assessments. Remember to schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your results and help with planning a career that is best suited for you

All Assessments listed below are FREE to take!

  • With all assessments, make sure you take it when you are not distracted. Also, answer the questions with your initial/gut response. This will offer a more clear assessment result.
  • When you click on the assessment below, you will be prompted to register and answer a few basic profile questions. 
  • Once assessment is completed, call the Career Center to make an appointment to see a career counselor to discuss.  You will receive a copy of your results at this appointment or Career Assessment workshop. 
  • Please note if you take both the MBTI and Strong/Holland Interest Inventory in the same sitting, you may need to log out after the first assessment is completed, and then re-log in with clicking on the new assessment link to complete. 

For more information and to schedule an appointment to discuss your results, please call the career center at 909-389-3399. 

MBTI - Personality-Based Assessment

Your PERSONALITY may be very important in the type of environment and career in which you'll work best. Learn your personality type by completing this assessment.  You will be able to obtain your results by making an appointment with the Career Center.

Strong Holland - Interest-Based Assessment

Your INTERESTS can lead to a fun and exciting career that is also an area that you like to learn, have the heart to do, or currently do as a hobby.  Learn your Holland Coded by completing this assessment.  You will be able to obtain your results by making an appointment with the Career Center.

Strengths-Based Assessment:

Your STRENGTHS can help you to understand what you naturally do well in all areas of your life.  Knowing your strengths can help you to be more productive academically, help you to understand how you better work with others, and how to communicate your strengths to others.  Most people who know their strengths are much more confident about who they are and are able to identify what tasks, group projects, and work environments will allow them to thrive.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have never taken this assessment, you can request to take the strengths assessment by contacting the Career Center by phone at 909-389-3399 or through email.

Assessment Results: If you have previously taken the Gallup Strengths Assessment and need to access your results, click the My Strengths Results. You may sign in with the email and password you created to view your results. 

Skills and Values Sorts Assessment:

Please visit the Career Center at CCR 220 (Building 6, 2nd floor) for this assessment.